Las impactantes imágenes que reflejan el consumo de perros en Indonesia

Los perritos son atados de patas y hocico rumbo a su muerte.

Una ONG no sólo busca evitar el consumo de carne proveniente de este animal, también busca crear conocimiento del tema.

En este lado del mundo el perro es uno de los animales que más relevancia ha cobrado. No sólo es considerado el mejor amigo del hombre, es un miembro más para decenas de familias y personas que ven en este amiguito algo más que una compañía.


Para la gente de Indonesia, el perro es un alimento y alrededor de un millón son sacrificados para consumo humano dentro de ese país. Ante tal situación ‘Dog Meat Free Indonesia’ ha comenzado una campaña para  crear conciencia sobre el tema.


A través de una serie de fotografías compartió la forma en la que los animales son embolsados, encadenados y llevados a mataderos para convertirse en alimento.

Este video contiene imágenes que pueden resultar perturbadoras, se solicita discreción.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION : STOP THE DOG MEAT TRADE Since 2014 JAKARTA ANIMAL AID NETWORK ( JAAN ) and Animal Friends Jogya ( AFJ ) have investigated the dogmeat trade in Jakarta , bandung, Cianjur, Pangandaran, Jogyakarta and Solo. Besides the different types of slaughtering , we have also focussed a lot on the heavy traffic of the dogs transported from 1 city to another or even from 1 island to another , all the public health risks it involves as well as the direct violations of regulations transporting dogs from areas where rabies is epidemic entering cities that have been declared rabies free. Detailed reports have been sent to the government. The world Health Organization ( WHO ) stated in 2008 that one of the causes of the spreading of rabies is the transportation of dogs ( dog meat trade ) .This year JAAN, AFJ and Change For Animals Foundation ( CFAF ) have continued investigation in Solo, Medan , Manado as well as Sukabumi . A big source of the dogs from Sukabumi ( not rabies free ) are transported to Jakarta ( rabies free ) to be brutally slaughtered and consumed.After 2 months of investigation in Sukabumi we can confirm to you that between 25 – 45 dogs per week from Sukabumi enter Jakarta ( of course many more dogs enter Jakarta on a weekly basis from other areas such as Cianjur and Pangandaran , also areas that are NOT free from rabies ) .In this video you can see Lola and Ina, 2 female dogs caught in Sukabumi, transported to Jakarta and bought by JAAN ( by our undercover team ) . We wanted to confirm how easy it would be to order dogs from Sukabumi besides the trucks that go back and forward weekly to deliver to suppliers in Jakarta . It was very……Lola and Ina had an extremely traumatic experience , but these girls are the lucky ones !!Lola and Ina are up for adoption ! Pls help us and help them by giving them a loving and forever home ! Rabies in Indonesia :’s commitment to be rabies free by 2020 ???????? : :Besides the horrific ways these poor dogs are slaughtered , all the diseases that can be transferred etc , the dog meat trade is becoming a National health threat !! Its really time the government takes this serious and puts an end to the dog meat trade !

Posted by Dog Meat Free Indonesia on Wednesday, December 28, 2016