FOTOS: Una mujer tiene su cabeza llena de canas desde los 21 años y ahora se siente hermosa

Lleva su cabello completamente al natural.

Con apenas tenía 21 años, el cabello de la científica Sara Eisenman se llenó por completo de canas. Este inesperado y apresurado cambió causó muchos problemas de seguridad en la joven, a quien le costó aceptar su  apariencia.

Cuando comenzó a notar que las canas salían en toda su cabeza desde la raíz, Sara empezó a teñir constantemente su cabello para sentirse más segura frente a las personas.

“Mi cabello se volvió enteramente plateado de la noche a la mañana cuando tenía 21. Fui al espejo un día y descubrí que las canas salían de las raíces por toda mi cabeza”, aseguró la mujer al Dailymail.

Se siente orgullosa por sus canas

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When you look at me, I hope you will not just see my face and body and choice of clothing and does her hair look good and what skin cream does she use and do you think she eats carbs and I like her or I hate her. 🕊 Go ahead and see those things, it's fine, for I’ve been admired and hated before, 🕊 but don’t stop now, come deeper with me. 🕊 See a living miracle of the divine, a woman plucked from the fire and now made of it, the phoenix risen, an angel in the sense of someone who really considers and cares and has risked it all for love and will do it again and again, because I came here for THIS NOW, a testimony of the eternal wondrous possible, an exception to and shattering of all stupid rules and lies, a rogue dove flying madly across the plains singing the holy wild truth of your beauty and yours alone, a harbinger and exemplar of the beautiful future that includes US ALL, in which we triumph over every form of slavery, every kind of abuse, kiss each others' tears and SHINE TOGETHER. 🕊 When you look at me, see this glory that I have received, and humbled myself before, 🕊 and fall to the the floor 🕊 and dance in awe with me. 🕊🕊🕊

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"Me avergonzaba al punto en el que evitaba a la gente por temor a que vieran mis raíces. Incluso pinté mi cabello horas antes de saber que entraría en labor de parto de mi hijo, para que todos los que visitaran al nuevo bebé vieran que su mamá tenía el cabello recién teñido de negro y sin raíces blancas", agregó.

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My path is to do WHATEVER it takes and is wholly authentic to break the cycle of abuse and re-traumatization within oneself so that we do NOT carry this forward to our loved ones, our friends, our children, the #Earth. 🕊 To return to wholeness not because we endlessly chase healing as a other form of distraction and personal titillation, but because we care about who we are and who we are becoming and what we propagate forth. 🕊 Whether that means dancing, chanting, purging, being witnessed, being baptized, circling with others, screaming at the moon, the ultimate in performative catharsis, or just deep deep rest (or any combination therein), it's all perfectly fine. 🕊 It does't have to look fashionable or graceful or spiritual. It doesn't have to be pretty or sexy or instagram-worthy. 🕊 It doesn't have to look like anyone else's idea of what it is and should be. 🕊 But, every single one of us who draws breath actually owes this to ourselves and the life force that birthed us and to the future which we have borrowed from our children and the Earth herself. 🕊 So let us do all the work and get free of it so our daughters don't have to carry this curse anymore. 🕊 Let it be over, so that it can begin. And let it begin with US ❤🙏 Grounding/earthing in beautiful set by @shopcosabella 🕊🕊🕊♥️♥️♥️ #embodiment #divinefeminine #theholybody #rewilding #cosabellastyle

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Sin embargo, la joven tuvo un momento de reflexión tras el nacimiento de su segundo hijo, pues, aseguró que se dio cuenta que la apariencia de su cabello no era lo más importante.

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The last year and a half of #healing my severe #dissociation and #ptsd (caused by my childhood #abuse) looked exactly like physical #therapy in which I had to (RE)learn how to be in a #body, how to hold my head up, how to see through my own eyes, how to walk, :::literally::: (as in, I went through stages in this where I literally could not hold up my head, see or walk). 🕊 It culminated in a "boot camp" where I had to face my fears of being in a body and do scary things like #climb peaks, #swim in cold wild waters, and #run races to vow (to myself) that I WOULD stand and fight for my rite to be in this body. 🕊 There were many times in this I thought I would literally die. IT WAS, and still is, *INTENSE* – though I become less and less afraid every time I choose myself, and #presence, and #love. 🕊 Almost no one ever tells you that healing #trauma will be physical AF, and that talk therapy and psych meds may well be ineffectual at best and deleterious at worst in this process. 🕊 IT'S ABOUT THE BODY AND BEING IN IT, and standing – literally – for THAT. 🕊 Truly understanding this makes it SO much easier to get better and places a realistic context and healing framework around the whole experience. 🕊 If you are healing from trauma, #EMBODIMENT is the key 🔑

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Ya Sara no se tiñe su cabello, por el contrario, dejó que se tornara todo plateado naturalmente y ahora siente que es una mujer hermosa.

"Estoy muy agradecida de tener un rol en el que puedo ayudar a otras mujeres a descubrir lo increíbles que son en verdad y qué tan libre y divertida puede ser la vida", aseguró.

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