Cabello 'tie dye', la tendencia de color que invade instagram

Una estilista se inspiró en la técnica de los 60 para lograrlo

La técnica de los años 60 para hacer diseños coloridos en las playeras ahora ha llegado como tendencia den Instagram, pero esta vez no la llevarás en tu ropa, sino en tu cabello. Gracias a la estilista Kelsey Pebler, ahora el cabello en tonos fantasía puede dar un efecto tie dye.

Alright guys..I’m warning you now that I’m about to get a little sappy!! . Yesterday was such a huge day for me in my career and the goals I’ve set for myself as an artist. To have stories written about my Tie Dyes colors on @allure and @cosmopolitan online yesterday meant the world to me. Never in a millions years would I have thought I would be interviewed by these two amazing publications. I am still in shock but so grateful for that amazing opportunity. This year I really wanted to step up my game with the colors I created. That meant spending that extra money on taking classes from people that inspire me, working on my days off and just experimenting without out letting fear or insecurities stop me. Everyday I see so many of you pushing yourselves outside of your comfort zones to create art and I am constantly inspired and impressed by you all. If it wasn’t for this amazing community of hairstylists on instagram I would never have believed in myself to shoot for my wildest dreams. Thank you all for you support and inspiration! 😘😘😘 . Also, thank you to my amazing family, friends and clients that sent me so many kind messages yesterday and who encourage and support me every single day 😘😘 I’m feeling and sending out so much ❤️❤️❤️ right now!!!!!

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Para lograrlo, Kelsey Pebler  primero aclaró el cabello hasta hacerlo de un tono platinado, después usó una técnica con cinta adhesiva para crear el diseño y después pintó a mano sobre el cabello, por último lo enjuagó con agua fría.

El proceso para lograr este efecto es largo, de aproximadamente siete horas en total, así que no será fácil conseguirlo, pero si estás dispuesta a sacrificarte para conseguir un cabello con diseño original, este estilo es para ti.

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