FOTOS: Esta youtuber causa revuelo por ser virgen a los 32 años y mira quién es su novio

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram se siente orgullosa de ser cristiana: "Es mi pureza".

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, una reconocida youtuber de 32 años, confesó públicamente que es virgen. La experta en alimentación con frutas y vegetales tiene una relación que recientemente cumplió año y medio y es conocida por su marca Fully Raw.

Carrillo-Bucaram publicó un video que grabó cuando tenía 30 años donde explica su postura sobre la virginidad y su razón para serlo aún. La motivación para realizar dicha grabación fueron aquellas personas que se sienten presionadas a empezar a tener una vida sexual activa sin estar listas.


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Remember to take care of yourself. It’s the little things that matter most. 🍉🍇🍓🍍 Add in a little sunshine, fresh air, and water, and you’ve got nature’s medicine. 🙏🏽 Without good health, you’ll never feel fully yourself. Take time for yourself. Restore your physical body and peace of mind. The benefits of this lifestyle are endless. I’ve been a #fullyraw #vegan 13+ years now, and it’s changed my life for the better. It may seem too simple to some, but it’s a complete mind, body, and spirit awakening experience when you’re consistent and dedicated to the lifestyle. Start somewhere. Start small. Start with one #rawvegan meal a day and work your way up. Educate yourself on why eating less animal products is important. Every little bit counts! Now go fill up your plates with some fruits and veggies and enjoy! 😘🌸🍉💫 ✨ It’s been an amazing day in Costa Rica with @selina #selinanosara #selenalife! Thank you for all the special foodie treats! ✨ #nature #environment #health #planet #travel #vegetarian #vegans #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #organic #plantbased #powerful #rawvegan #rawfood #cleaneating #vegano #travelphotography #costarica #body #healthy #fruit #happiness

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La youtuber es de ascendencia ecuatoriana y libanesa, pero reside en Houston. Asegura tener una familia con valores cristianos y por eso “siempre hizo lo correcto”. Ella afirma: “Todavía tengo esas creencias, las aprecio y las amo”.

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La cistitis puede ocurrirle tanto al hombre como la mujer.

Para ella hacer el amor no solo se trata del acto como tal, sino que lo importante es hacerlo con alguien que la valore. “Es mi pureza. Es una parte de mi alma que estás tomando y que te estoy regalando”, aseguró.

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I’d like to share my thoughts on social media frauds. I am so disappointed in all of the people who are currently buying their likes and followers. And for what?! It’s kinda crazy for me right now to see people who I thought were inspirational blatantly and evidently throwing out bills to get “to the top” or to somehow benefit more monetarily through portraying a false image. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The sad thing is: it’s becoming more and more rare to find REAL likes and followers on IG now-a-days rather than fake ones. I’ve NEVER bought any bots or used any services that advertise these tactics—and trust me I’ve gotten plenty of emails about it. I may not have the best engagement or the most popular page because I’ve been around a long time, but I don’t care. At least I know everything I put out is REAL, and the connections and relationships I am creating here are REAL. It’s taken me about 6 years to get to where I am, and this journey has taught me so much. It’s been a step by step process. I take NOTHING for granted. The message I am spreading about health and living a raw vegan lifestyle is so important to me, but I’m not about deceiving ANYONE to make an extra dollar. I choose to operate with integrity and connect with you. This platform has become my creative outlet, and this form of expression has helped me heal in so many ways. The ability alone to share and be vulnerable and to serve others is priceless to me. And why do it if it’s not to real people? 🙏🏽 I walk the walk I talk, and I’ve moved forward from people and relationships who do not uphold a standard of honesty. I’m sharing this with you today because recently I’ve discovered more and more influencers who are doing it, and I’ve unfollowed them. I’m letting you know… IT’S A THING. Be mindful of who you are following and pay attention. Focus on being the best and most authentic version of yourself and work at surrounding yourself with those type of people as well. I thank you for reading this and for being a REAL person here in this community. Much love to you always. 💓🦁🦋🐬🙏🏽✨

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La 'influencer' dice que le encanta besar a su pareja y que se siente feliz, pero que decide entregar en el tiempo adecuado su virginidad a quien será su esposo, ya que ese es el deber ser.

"No solo mi dieta es pura, como frutas y verduras crudas, hace doce años que lo hago. Pero también soy sexualmente pura", puntualizó.

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