¡No apto para cardíacos! Escalofriante video de pareja que se casó a más de 100 metros de altura revoluciona las redes

Fue una boda muy original.

Toda mujer sueña con una boda inolvidable y original. Pero, esta joven sin duda tuvo la boda más impresionante del mundo.

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In light of the last video I posted getting so much attention of @sketchyandylewis ‘dropping the rings’, I’m here to set the record straight: IT WAS A PRANK! 😛 We knew he was going to pretend to drop our rings because he kept joking about it during rehearsal, but we also knew that he had our real rings attached to a carabiner on a string around his wrist. So we just thought he was going to do a little fake out to mess with the crowd. But of course he had to go above and beyond 😂👏. He pulled out a quicklink with some washers on it, and dropped that through the net. (Don’t worry! We didn’t litter. All gear was retrieved from the bottom of the cliff by rappelling into the canyon.) Even though I knew our real rings weren't even made of metal, it still sounded and looked so real that I got worried for a minute. I think everyone on the net and in the crowd briefly thought the worst haha. The rings we exchanged on the net can be seen in the pictures above. (Zoom in to see them better.) I made tiny soft shackles out of 7/64” amsteel for our rings, specifically to exchange on the net so we wouldn't have to worry about dropping them. Soft shackles are pieces of gear that we use in rigging our highlines, but they are normally a lot bigger. I thought it would be fun to repurpose them and make rings, boutonnières, and bouquets out of them since the button knot kind of simultaneously looks like a diamond and a flower. I also loved that it was a very literal "tying of the knot". 📸: @thehearnes

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Ryan Jenks y Kimberly Weglin son una pareja de adictos al deporte y a la aventura extrema. Por esta razón los jóvenes estadounidenses decidieron hacer una boda diferente y definitivamente lo lograron.

Se casaron nada más y nada menos que en el cañón del desierto de Moab (Utah, EE. UU.), a 120 metros de altura del suelo y las imágenes han revolucionado las redes.

Para la ceremonia se construyó una red tejida colgante, que sirvió como una especie de altar donde los novios contrajeron matrimonio.

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Since the wedding is making its viral rounds again (thank you @matadornetwork… 8.6 million views already and counting!? Hard to fathom!), I thought I’d take a second to share a few more photos and say hi to all the new followers 👋 I’m guessing you’ll have some questions? Ask me anything you want to know! Also – Look closely in the first photo and you’ll see all our BASE jumping flower girls flying below us while @friedikuehne floats in the background on a 700 foot highline. Did I mention that I love our friends? (And yes, they’re our very talented friends ❤️, not hired performers) Apparently some people seem to think this was a 3.5 million dollar wedding or something lmfao 😂😂 This is just us and our friends who were already going to be there, hanging out in the desert, doing what we were already going to do, using gear we all already had…and just being a little more dirtbag glam while we were at it. Thanks everyone for wearing your finest costumes! 😉 – Photos 1-6: @thehearnes | Photos 7&8: @paulinap | Net: @sketchyandylewis | Dress: @galialahav

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Familia y amigos tuvieron que ir al lugar para celebrar la unión de esta pareja. Sin embargo, no todos se acercaron a la red por miedo a las alturas.

Incluso, el padre de la novia se cayó en la red pues le temblaban las rodillas al caminar.

Cuando la pareja dijo el tan esperado 'sí' 10 chicas expertas en salto BASE saltaron del acantilado con paracaídas lanzando pétalos de rosa.

Sin dudas fue una boda original y una que será muy difícil de igualar. ¿Y tú te atreverías a casarte en las alturas?

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