FOTOS: Ellos son Jack y Sophie, los hijos de Luke Perry que estuvieron con él al momento de su muerte

El actor falleció este lunes debido a un derrame cerebral.

El mundo del espectáculo está de luto. Y es que este lunes falleció Luke Perry, actor recordado por sus papeles en las series 'Beverly Hills, 90210' y recientemente 'Riverdale'.

El actor, quien tenía 52 años, sufrió un derrame cerebral, el pasado miércoles y fue internado en el hospital St. Joseph's de Burbank, California, donde trataron de salvarle la vida, pero lamentablemente falleció.

Luke Perry, deja a dos hijos, Jack Perry de 21 años y Sophie Perry de 19, a quienes tuvo junto a la también actriz Raquel 'Minnie' Sharp, con quien estuvo casado durante diez años.

Su hijo Jack, de 21 años, también alcanzó la fama, pero no siguiendo los pasos de su padre como actor. El joven eligió algo más arriesgado, y es un famoso luchador.

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#JungleBoy is a wild-haired, 5’10”, 150-pound athlete with a unique in-ring style and an uncommon background. He is the son of Hollywood star Luke Perry, and better known outside the ring as #JackPerry. “My family is a part of who I am, but I’m trying to make my own way,” said Perry, who grew up in California but admitted he has never been a fan of 90210. “I don’t want to use that to be successful, I want to have my own success.” First turned onto the business when watching the Boogeyman eat worms on #WWE programming, Perry started seriously pursuing pro wrestling during his senior year of high school. He spent a year in college and has dabbled in film school, but it is the same fearlessness that has him looking to get involved in stunt work that brought him into pro wrestling. Developing the Jungle Boy character has allowed Perry the opportunity to flourish creatively, both in-ring as well as through mannerisms and storytelling. Originally, however, he was not a fan of the character. “I’m a big fan of #ConorMcGregor, and I always noticed how he’d stand before his fights in this monkey-like posture,” said Perry. “I always thought that was really cool. I did that in my first fight, when I went by Nate Coy because he is another of my favorite fighters, and the announcer told me that he had a nickname for me and said, ‘Jungle Boy’ Nate Coy. “At first, I hated it. I thought, ‘What did he just stick me with?’ Then I started to develop the character around the name, and I love it now. It’s completely my own. Eventually, I dropped the Nate Coy, and now I am Jungle Boy.” Classifying himself as a high-flyer, Perry sees the Jungle Boy character as an advantage when he is in the ring. “There are things out there that I know I will never be able to do,” said Perry. “When you look at Ricochet, PAC, and guys like that, I realistically will never be able to do a double backflip onto someone. I can do some athletic moves, but that’s where my character helps me have well-rounded matches with a story.” Perry trains with David Arquette, another Hollywood star and longtime friend of Luke’s." #Paige #Cesaro #RomanReigns #DeanAmbrose

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En la lucha libre es conocido como 'Jungle Boy' y se caracteriza por su frondosa melena rizada. Su padre Luke lo apoyó en todo momento, y acudía constantemente a las peleas en las que Jack participaba.

Su hija Sophie no es tan conocida como Jack, pero es una hermosa joven idéntica a su madre, de cabello rizado amarillo.

Su representante reveló en un comunicado que Perry estuvo acompañado por sus hijos y su prometida Wendy Madison al momento de su muerte.

"Perry estaba rodeado de sus hijos, Jack y Sophie, su novia, Wendy Madison Bauer, su ex esposa, Minnie Sharp, su madre, Ann Bennett, su padrastro, Steve Bennett; su hermano, Tom Perry, su hermana, Amy Coder y otros familiares cercanos y amigos", ha dicho su representante a través de un comunicado que fue publicado por Variety.

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