¡Nació para motivar! El impresionante discurso de Meghan a los 14 años que conmociona en redes

Meghan nació con ese talento.

La duquesa de Sussex, Meghan Markle, siempre ha desempeñado un gran papel en cada evento al que asiste desde que forma parte de la familia real.

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The #DuchessofSussex's full speech: ⬇ . . I'm so privileged to know you. Working on this project for the past nine months has been a tremendous labour of love. I have just recently moved to London and I felt so immediately embraced by the women in the kitchen, by your kindness and to be in this city and be in this room and see how multi-cultural it was. 'On a personal level I feel so proud to live in a city with so much diversity. This whole country is represented by the people in the kitchen. It's pretty outstanding. 'There's so many people to thank – I'm extremely grateful because this is my first project and I appreciate your support. It truly took a village to see this through. Everyone has embraced this so fully because it has been a passion project for us all. 'As I said this is more than a cook book and what I mean by that is the power of food is more than just the meal itself it is the story behind it. And when you get to know the story behind the recipe, you get to know the person behind it and help us celebrate what connects us rather than divides us. That is the ethos of Together. 'Thank you so much for letting me be part of this and letting me be on this adventure with you and I'm so excited to see the projects we will continue to do in your community and also how you will inspire people globally by sharing your stories and your recipes. It's so impactful. You can see that in just a few days alone what's happened and the book's not out yet. 'What you have been able to do is a testament to what that means to people. I'm so proud of you. 'So on that note I know that some of you have started eating, as you should. I'd be the last one to want to let the food get cold so please enjoy your beautiful lunch and give another round of applause for the Hubb Community Kitchen. Thank you.' . . Today was definitely a success! !🙌👏🌹👑 My favorite part was the inclusion of Mama Do and how she introduced herself as 'Meg's Mom' 😊 so sweet! Also that the book was dubbed a best seller before it was even officially launched. That's incredible 💗 #PrinceHarry #DukeofSussex #britishroyalfamily #britishroyalty#kensingtonroyal#DoriaRagland #powercouple#love

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La esposa del príncipe Harry no le teme al público, a dar un discurso, ni mucho menos estar frente a las cámaras.

Pero, esto es algo que Meghan ha hecho desde pequeña y así lo muestra un video que se ha viralizado en redes y que causa furor.

Y es que cuando Meghan tenía 14 años fue la encargada de dar el discurso de la clase en su ceremonia de graduación de octavo grado.

En el video podemos ver a la ahora duquesa igual de encantadora, segura, y con ese carisma que la caracteriza en la actualidad.

Su histórico discurso en la ONU

En 2015, Meghan hizo historia con su discurso feminista en la ONU. La entonces actriz acudió como invitada a un evento organizado por las Naciones Unidas y pronunció un discurso muy emocionante y efectivo en el que expresó por qué era tan necesario seguir trabajando por el derecho de las mujeres.

En este discurso, muy aplaudido por todos los asistentes a la conferencia, Markle aseguró que su conciencia feminista se despertó cuando solo tenía 11 años.

No cabe duda que Meghan nació con ese don, y siempre lo ha demostrado.

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