¡Asombroso! Este cosplayer se puede convertir en cualquier personaje de ficción

Jonathan Stryker lleva diez años como cosplayer

Con asombrosos disfraces, Jonathan Stryker, cosplayer, sorprende a todos sus seguidores en Instagram al convertirse en cualquier personaje de ficción que exista.

Es considerado uno de los mejores cosplayers. No solo hace personajes humanos sino también dibujos animados. Lleva ya 10 años con la práctica del maquillaje.

Jonathan hace todo desde cero, desde el maquillaje hasta la vestimenta, pasando por detalles como el pelo y hasta las uñas si es necesario.

El cosplayer también pone atención e sus poses y expresiones faciales, por lo que su veta actoral también tiene una gran importancia para cada fotografía.

Se distingue por ser un hombre, en el mercado de cosplayers las mejores suelen ser mujeres.

Disney Dates Week concludes! 🌹 Finally, take a Pegasus ride with this God: Hercules! 💪🏼 He's a God so I was a little extra with him as well and went for a Greek look 😆 Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this theme. It was a little simple one so I could get a bit of a break 😊 Finally, let's talk about second chances. I think we've all been in situations where we ask ourselves, "have I had enough or should I give it a second chance?" The most important question we should ask ourselves when considering a second chance is, "has the other person truly changed?" I do believe people can change and definitely believe in second chances. I am the best example that people can change for the better. However, I don't think people can change from one day to another. It's okay to let go of people and let them figure things out on their own for a while. Time is your asset. Most growth takes place after a heart break after all. And once some time has passed, and hearts can heal, then I think we can make better assessments on whether the other person has changed or not. In the end, change should NOT be forced but learned by the individual on their OWN. If they deserve a second chance, there should be no doubt in your heart that they now: love themselves, they will add value to your life, and they have truly changed. Whether you are the one giving the second chance or deserve the second chance, remember, that the chance should ultimately further happiness and not prolong comfort. I hope you guys enjoyed my long little relationship posts. I've been through a lot of shit in the past few years and I'm glad I did. I feel like I've grown a lot as a person and I'm now ready to eventually embark on some great adventures with someone and give it my all without losing myself 😊 I may start a new theme this week! Thank you all so much for your comments and support! As always, mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #cosplay #cosplayer #disney #disneycosplay #waltdisney #waltdisneyworld #hercules #makeup #god

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Nickelodeon Week continues! 🔶 Next up, my favorite snarky boy in Bikini Bottom. From Spongebob Squarepants: SQUIDWARD! 🦑 Yes, I tucked my dick between my legs. No, I don't have a vagina. Yes, I shaved for this. Yes, this is some puteria, weird shit 😂 Had to do Squidward, he's my favorite asshole and Spongebob Squarepants is obviously an amazing show. Hope I didn't mentally handicap any of you… although Squidward would probably want that 😈 Anyway, no need to fight on my DMs for that squid vagina. Plenty of calamari smellin' punani for everyone 😂 Hopefully this doesn't "offend" anyone and if it does, don't really care 🤷🏻‍♂️ Final Nickelodeon character will be up tomorrow! Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #nickelodeon #nicksplat #cosplay #cosplayer #makeup #spongebob #spongebobsquarepants #makeup #weird #squid #squidward

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10 DAYS OF DEPP CONCLUDES! 🎭 Last but not least, one of the most iconic pirates that ever was: JACK SPARROW! 🖤 I'm a huge One Piece fan so Pirates of the Caribbean is definitely amazing to watch. Plus, who doesn't love Jack? The hardest part about this costume was the wig. It's actually 3 different wigs sewn together. I hand made all the dreads and beaded, attached and braded everything on it. So much time on it but I loved how it came out! The rest of the costume was made by me as well! Definitely plan on wearing it out somewhere~ 😊 Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoyed this theme. I'm a huge fan of Depp characters so it was truly an honor ❤️ More themes coming soon! Thanks guys for the support. If you guys would like to support it even more, consider becoming a Patreon. Link in bio 😁 #jstryker #10daysofdepp #jacksparrow #disney #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #waltdisney #cosplay #cosplayer #disneycosplay #makeup #sfxmakeup #johnnydepp #depp

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