Esta mujer muestra su cuerpo para acabar con estereotipos sobre las gordas

Michelle Elman es una mujer que promueve el movimiento body positive y quiere acabar con los estereotipos sobre las mujeres gordas.

Michelle Elman, un ejemplo a seguir

Ella es Michelle Elman, una mujer contenta con su cuerpo, que si bien no cumple con los estereotipos sí la hace muy feliz y eso se evidencia en las fotos que publica en sus redes sociales.

Esta mujer, que cuenta con más de 88 mil seguidores en su Instagram, promueve el movimiento body positive. Esto para acabar con los estereotipos sobre las mujeres gordas.

WHAT TO SAY WHEN A KID CALLS YOU FAT For those of you who don’t know, I used to work with kids a lot. I’ve worked in mainstream schools, autistic swimming programmes and even a child development school within a hospital, and kids can be harsh. Here’s how I’ve dealt with comments I’ve received over my work. “You are fat” – Yes I am fat. I smiled and walked away. Fat is not an insult. It is a descriptor and the child was accurate “Why are you fat?” – Because everyone is made differently and it would be really confusing if we all looked the same. How would we tell each other apart? “Your tummy is so big. It’s gross” – I asked him why he thought fat was bad. He responded that it was ugly. I then said “well, I am fat and beautiful so that can’t be true”. He continued on “You aren't beautiful!” so I simply went “oh I am! You just haven’t realised it yet!”, I laughed and then I walked away. It was over a week later he came up to me and said “i don’t know if you are beautiful but you are nice so it doesn’t really matter” Regardless of how the conversation turns out, it’s good for them to see an example of a fat confident woman. I believe it’s one of those memories that will come to mind in their older years, perhaps when they are having teenage wobbles. How about if you are with your child when they call someone else fat? Yes, of course it can be embarrassing because you don’t want to offend the other person. But you can simply go “and aren’t they gorgeous?”. Remember that fat-phobia is learnt. The solution to these conversations is not to tell a child that calling someone fat is rude or to ban the word “fat” and start calling it the “F word”. The solution is to open up the conversation and use it as an opportunity for body positivity. When a child talks, they are rarely trying to be cruel, but instead just repeating what they have been taught. #ScarredNotScared • 👙: @curvykate

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Siempre publica fotografías con sus amigas, algunas delgadas y otras no tanto, y luce sin temor y con orgullo su cuerpo en ropa interior.

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to our event on Wednesday. Swipe ➡️ for pictures. I have been struggling to even process it because it felt like a dream at the time but today I scheduled an hour to sit down and reflect so thought I would share. I’ve been working on an event for over 2 years and every time it never happened because I hit a roadblock or lost confidence that I could actually sell tickets so now that it’s over, I feel a combination of relieved and proud. I cried that night because I’ve never felt more of a sense of community that night. The honest, open and raw conversation we all had either on the stage with Kenzie or after with all of you, are rare conversations and I’m so thrilled that spaces are now being created in order to move this community offline. I am forever grateful for ALL of your support. As those of you who were there will know, I experience a little anxiety at the beginning of the talk. It took me off guard cause it hasn’t happened in the last 3 talks I’ve done, but your kindness and compassion after was so heartwarming and the fact that the night was about anxiety, made it feel apt. Thank you for holding space for me in a vulnerable moment. And finally, a massive thank you to this little bean @kenziebrenna ! Thanks for being a wonderful cohost and most importantly, a brilliant friend. Kenzie and I have spoken every week online for the last 2 years but New York was the first time we met! To go from meeting to spending 2 weeks together everyday has been incredible! I’m bonded with this woman for life, she’s such a special gem and I’m going to miss you so much Kenzie! She’s leaving tonight on the rest of her adventures and I’m so excited for her. My heart is filled with SO MUCH LOVE. Beyond grateful for such a fire community 🔥 #ScarredNotScared

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Elman quiere dejar claro que el peso no define el valor de una persona.

“Hay un estereotipo de la amiga gorda, es la que nunca se integra, la que está permanentemente soltera, la insegura, la que siempre se está quejando de su cuerpo y hablando de dietas” dijo Michelle.


When you’ve been friends with someone for 3 years and you finally meet 😱😱 • I started talking to Dana @dothehotpants in 2015… and when we first embraced this week, it was like a dream! We couldn’t stop hugging and realising that this was real life! This woman deserves the largest appreciation post, not only for being there for me behind the scenes every single time I’ve messaged over the last 3 years but for everything that was done to create the panel last night. One of my largest goals was to do a panel o’ dating, sex, love and relationships and body confidence. It’s the area, I’m least comfortable talking about but also one that I feel is SO needed so thank you Dana and your entire team for making that a reality. The community you’ve built is so strong and powerful and last night will be an evening I will never forget. I’ve always believed that activism is an offline job, and last night cemented that. Real life opportunities to connect are so rare and I’m so grateful that you’ve created spaces in order to do that! To all the people I met last night, you touched me more than I can say. I’ve had a tough few weeks and meeting all of you last night reaffirmed my purpose in life and in this space. It’s such a beautiful thing to connect names to faces! When I started on Instagram in 2014, I was very hesitant making friends. I still had STRANGER DANGER blaring in my head so the fact that I’ve just spent a week in a hotel room with two people I met on the internet and an entire week hanging with internet friends is more heartwarming than I can say! Still need to write a post about all the incredible fellow panellists but that’s a post for another day when I have more brainpower. I also have a vlog coming of last night for those who missed it so alllllll of that is to come!!! In the mean time, go follow @shishi.rose , @kenziebrenna and @the_feeding_of_the_fox !!! #ScarredNotScared #BodiesAndLove

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Aclaró que todos esos clichés son completamente falsos.

“Desde que tenía 11 años siempre he sido la amiga gorda, pero en realidad nunca he sido esa chica”.


Want to know the story behind this photo? Kenzie and I were taking a photo. @beautythroughthebeast was walking past so we yelled for her to join us. Then @bellenge was walking past so we shouted for her to get in too. Someone said “let’s fake laugh” so we did but @kenziebrenna ‘s laugh was so bloody weird we actually started laughing… and ta da, result was this photo! New vlog up on my YouTube from the @underneath_we_are_women photoshoot!! Go give it a watch and show some love!! Swipe up in my stories or go over to Michelle Elman on YouTube #ScarredNotScared • PS Thanks for all the love recently! I’m finally feeling back to myself, my flu has passed, my migraine is gone and my fire is back 🔥

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Elman expresó en otro post cómo la sociedad fomenta las inseguridades y hace creer que un número en la báscula es más importante que la personalidad.

Having the best day at the @underneath_we_are_women photoshoot meeting such incredible women and kindred spirits! I’ve bonded with so many humans with such similar experiences of illness, surgery and recovery… and scars. Growing up, I’d never imagine being surrounded by so many similar women because I genuinely believed I was alone. I saw the kids next to me in the hospital bed but everyone else seemed stronger, braver, happier and that just made me feel more isolated. There is so much power in being seen. There is so much power in being heard. This is the wonderful @beautythroughthebeast and just one of the many many incredible humans. So grateful to be in New York surrounded by such gorgeous and so deeply thankful to Amy from @underneath_we_are_women for making this happen and creating a day I will never forget. Forever #scarrednotscared 🔥🔥

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Los post más exitosos de Elman son en los que aparece al natural, sin maquillaje y en ropa interior, y muestra su cuerpo tal cual es. Esas publicaciones alcanzan entre 3 mil y 6 mil likes, más que cualquier otra imagen.

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