Ava Clarke: la niña albina negra que está triunfando en el mundo de la moda

Un trastorno genético que impide la pigmentación de la piel ha hecho de esta niña una sensación de redes sociales y de las pasarelas.

Posee una piel blanca y un cabello plateado que ha cautivado a miles de personas alrededor del mundo. Ava Clarke nació con albinismo, un trastorno genético que impide la pigmentación de la piel, es decir, carece de color. Sin embrago, su belleza se ha ganado un espacio en el mundo de la moda, rompió con los esquemas y sus rasgos la han llevado a posar en revistas como Denim Magazine, BOOM y VIP en los Estados Unidos.

Los padres de Ava son afroamericanos. Cuando nació, los doctores dijeron que quedaría ciega debido a su trastorno genético. Ahora triunfa en las pasarelas y cuando camina por ellas o está frente al lente de un fotógrafo se transforma por completo.

Así se ve con su familia

I'm thankful everyday for these two! Today, they have given me the chance to celebrate with women around the world. We are charged with the task of nurturing innocent beings and directing impressionable minds. We as parents have a huge responsibility. Motherhood is often an insanely difficult ~ yet rewarding, lifelong journey. I thank God daily for my children. I'm thankful for the miracles I've witnessed with them, the obstacles we've overcome, the laughter they bring and the lessons THEY have taught ME along the way. Although I'm not a perfect mom, I am extremely proud of being their Mommy! To every woman doing their best to guide and encourage a young person's life…. Happy Mother's Day! #morethanideserve #proudbeyondmeasure #happymothersday #mothersday2015 #avasmom #avaclarke

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YESTERDAY ■ MY AViAtor ■ At 2 months old Ava Clarke was diagnosed as being blind. Doctors referred us to specialists at the School for the Blind. Their Low Vision specialist visited our home every other week for 5 years, before Ava started school. The doctors and staff are like family to us. Ava's specialist, "Aunt Marla" became part of our family. She helped us adapt to Ava's needs, she celebrated milestones with us, and sometimes she was simply there for me. Ava's eyesight started to improve before she turned 1. It was nothing short of a miracle and God's grace (her doctors agreed). Most people don't realize Ava has vision problems. She adjusts well to her surroundings and she wears glasses👓…sometimes. Ava visits a pediatric ophthalmologist every 6 months and go to the Low Vision Clinic once a year. Low vision is the term used for irrepairable visual impairments, such as blurred vision, blind spots or tunnel vision. We encourage everyone to have a complete eye exam from a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist. #shemakeseverythinglookcool #AViAtorglasses #shessoocute #lowvision #albinism #awareness #Godmademe #fearfullyandwonderfullymade #beautifullyflawed #eyeexam #avaclarke #msb #visualaids #tbt

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