Sombras de ojos convertidas en fantásticas obras de arte. ¡Tienes que verlas!

Después de ver estas sombras de ojos de fantasía, nunca volverás a ver el maquillaje de la misma forma

Tal Peleg es una artista visual apasionada del maquillaje. Sus imágenes le han dado la vuelta al mundo por su destreza para crear paisajes, historias y personajes. Ella ha confesado a la prensa internacional que se inspira en todo lo que la rodea y que usa su propio ojo a manera de lienzo.

¿Su clave para no fallar? ¡Usar instrumentos muy pequeños y tener una gran paciencia! Además de esto, procura 'sincronizar' las curvas naturales del ojo con el diseño que tiene planeado hacer.



Cada diseño puede tardar hasta tres horas, aunque hay ocasiones en que puede ser mucho más tiempo. Tal Peleg ha replicado algunos diseños de libros y películas, aunque también ha plasmado su gran pasión por los gatos.


So… I *really* love cats. Can you tell? 😁

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September is childhood cancer awareness month, and I was asked to create a gold themed look to help raise awareness to this important matter. . I chose to create a golden dancer.  Becoming a ballerina when you grow up is a common innocent childhood dream… and I really hope that with enough research and donations, the children who suffer from cancer will get better, fulfill all their dreams, and become whatever they wish to be when they grow up. 💛 #gogold #childhoodcancerawareness ~~~~~~~~~ PRODUCT LIST purple/pink background: @morphebrushes 35c palette ▫Dancer: Monaco watercolors.▫Dress: @mehronmakeup white watercolor, @Illamasqua solstice liquid metal, @sugarpill goldilux, tako (also used for the dots around the dancer and lower lash line) Glitters on dress: @litcosmetics Hello sunshine ▫Eyeliner: Morphe gel eyeliner▫Mascara: @eyeko black magic ▫False lashes: @andracosmetics n.07 Lower lashes: Monaco purple watercolor▫Brow: @snastasiabeverlyhills soft brown dipbrow pomade

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"The name on everybody's lips is gonna be – ROXIE. (…) Who says that murder's not an art?" 🎶👄 . . 🌟 CHICAGO 🌟 My last three musical themed works were part of a very fun project ordered from me by @verizon. The perfect request for a musicals geek like myself. You can read the article here: ➡ . . 🎨 PRODUCT LIST Red background, lower lash line: @concreteminerals Risque ▫Eyelid, inner corner: @sugarpill Goldilux ▫Eyeliner:  @colourprevails eye calligraphy liquid eyeliner ▫Waterline: @morphebrushes eyeliner gel ▫Roxie: Monaco watercolors, hair- Sugarpill Goldilux, ▫Dress and shoes: Monaco black watercolor, @litcosmetics Superfly. ▫ Golden stars tars: @dash_hightech_accessories ▫Eyebrow: Monaco black watercolor ▫Mascara: @colourprevails mascara Pearls and beads: Unbranded▫False lashes: @andracosmetics And #allthatjazz 😊

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"Grandma, what big eyes you have!"🔸Little Red Riding Hood

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Hansel and Gretel 🍬

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Moomin and Snukfin, "The Moomins" ❤ . Has anyone else had a childhood crush on Snufkin? 😊 ~~~ 🎨PRODUCT LIST Hills: @sugarpill Midori, @concreteminerals Thrash, details- Monaco and @mehronmakeup watercolors.▫Sky: Sugarpill Mochi and velocity ▫water: Concrete minerals Domino, Sugarpill velocity, @litcosmetics tinsel town ▫Bridge: Monaco watercolors Moomin and Snufkin: Monaco and Mehron watercolors▫Eyebrow and branches, flowers and sun: Monaco, Mehron and @kryolanoffical watercolor. ▫Eyeliner: @morphebrushes black gel eyeliner ▫Lower lash line: @colourpopcosmetics Kimomo ▫Inner corner: Lit Cosmetics Disco diva▫Lower lashes: Monaco green watercolor▫Waterline: @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit gel eyeliner topped with @sleekmakeup eyeshadow from Ultra matte palette ▫Mascara: @essence_cosmetics get big lashes▫False lashes: @andracosmetics 08

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🎶 The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Not a footprint to be seen. A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I'm the Queen… . Disney's "Frozen" ❄ . ~~~ PRODUCT LIST 🎨 ▫Eyelid and inner corner: @suvabeauty Hydra cream base in satire, bank. @starcrushedminerals beach house blues, Concrete minerals Domino,  @katvondbeauty skulls and synth ▫Mountains Background: Concrete minerals Domino, @suvabeauty hydra eyeliner, Snow queen, @katvond dark wave, skulls. Monaco 113 and 81 eyeshadows. ▫Elsa: Monaco watercolors and 81+83 eyeshadows. ▫Eyebrow: @suvabeauty Snow queen, coarse salt. ▫Eyeliner: #suvabeauty cream base Bank covered with coarse salt. ▫Lower lashes: Mehron watercolor, coarse salt.▫Waterline: @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit eyeliner gel topped with Monaco 83 eyeshadow. ▫Lower lash line: Kat Von D black metal.▫False lashes: @lashesinabox n.11

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"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!"

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"Everything you were looking for was right there with you all along" ❤ The Wizard of Oz 🌈 ~~~ PRODUCT LIST Sky: @katvondbeauty Synth, dark wave, skulls, Monaco white watercolor ▫Eyelid grass: Monaco 30, @Katvondbeauty Lemmy (RIP Lemmy..) ▫Yellow road: @concreteminerals Fame, ▫Flowers: Monaco watercolors Emerald city: Monaco watercolors, Sugarpill High life▫Dorothy and Toto: Monaco watercolors▫Eyeliner: @colourprevails eye calligraphy liquid eyeliner  Waterline:base @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit gel eyeliner, rainbow- @sugarpill Addicted to pretty palettes▫Inner corner: @colourpop rock pop ▫Mascara: @colourprevails mascara ▫False lashes: @andracosmetics n.08▫Eyebrow: @kryolan watercolor

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