Después de ver estas fotos jamás verás igual a un pitbull

La fotógrafa Sophie Gamand ha retratado perros desde 2010 y creó una serie de imágenes con pitbulls por una buena causa

Por más de 150 años los pitbull fueron las 'niñeras' de millones de pequeños en todo el mundo. Se les consideraba una raza confiabla y apta para convivir con los niños, aunque con el tiempo esta imagen se transformó debido a que comenzaron a criarse como perros de ataque.



Aunque no podemos generalizar, muchas de las personas que ahora tienen un pitbull, lo tienen para proteger su casa y son educados para atacar y criados con excesiva crueldad. 

Desde 2010 la fotógrafa y defensora de los animales Sophie Gamand, se ha dedicado a retratar a perros y su relación con los seres humanos. Ella asegura que al fotografiar a los canes comprende mejor a la raza humana.

En 2014 comenzó un serial de imágenes titulado 'Flower Power: Pitbulls of Revolution'. En este trabajo fotografió a más de 150 pitbulls que se encontraban en albergues en espera de ser adoptados. Los perros fueron retratados con flores para proyectar una imagen distinta a la que la mayoría tiene en la cabeza: los pitbulls son violentos. 

Gracias a las imágenes de Gamand, muchos de los pitbulls fueron adoptados, aunque hay otros que siguen esperando. He aquí una muestra de su trabajo. 

Last week I was in Philadelphia working on a project with @freepeople and PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society- @phillypaws). We will be sharing the results soon! While we were at the shelter, I managed to squeeze in a few #PitBullFlowerPower portraits of some pit bull residents they have. So, without further ado, meet Sweetie! Although this gal is 6 years old she is still playful and loving: she makes instant friends with every person she meets. Sweetie is a curious girl who would love to be your only pet so as to have you all to herself. When she is interested in something, both of her ears flop over in front which is very cute. She's perfect for an experienced dog owner who will work with her to keep up her training and make her the best pet she can be. Interested? Visit for more info! 🌸🌸🌸 #PitbullFlowerPower #PitBullFlowerPowerPHILLY #AdoptDontShop #endBSL #sophiegamand @hellogiggles @freepeoplephiladelphia

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Mickey deserved a second #PitBullFlowerPower portrait, his story is so powerful (read the blog I wrote about him, link is in my bio). I am humbled by the reactions I have received so far. His story must be told. We mustn't forget him and we must raise our voices for dogs that face the situation he was in. Today, after I posted my blog, I received an email from a stranger, asking me for advice. They have been witnessing abuse and neglect from their neighbors on their dog who is left outside, chained, and barely fed. They have been witnessing it for over a year and it took my blog about Mickey for them to feel they were not alone and to take action and reach out for help. You know what the New York Police department always says? If you see something, say something! It's true for animal neglect and abuse, too. … I am trying to raise funds to help with Mickey's vet expenses. He was diagnosed with cancer and hip dysplasia and his lawyer is covering everything himself. Visit to purchase a print of Mickey's photo, all proceeds will be donated. Thank you! #MickeysLegacy #PitBullFlowerPower #PitBullFlowerPowerARIZONA #SophieGamand #BeTheirVoice

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Here is Tucker's #PitBullFlowerPower portrait!! Tucker is my 3 month old little foster kid from @mrbonesandco. He came all the way from North Carolina where he was found abandoned on a highway, a few weeks back. Tucker arrived at our place a little shy and very insecure. That was 4 days ago and now he is blossoming and getting more confident every day, without losing his passion for snuggle! I can't wait for him to have doggy-buddies to play with, as it really something he's been missing. Something tells me he was separated from his litter-mates way too early. Or maybe he was just very lonely as a baby. In any case, this white boxer – pit mix will surely grow to be a gorgeous, well-adjusted, cuddly boy. Visit for more info! 🌸🌸🌸 Get your 2016 #PitBullFlowerPower calendar! Follow link in my bio 💚💚💚 #AdoptDontShop #adoptTuckerMBC #rescueisthenewblack #sophieGamand

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Please re-meet Charlotte from @tohanimalshelter. She is still available for adoption and qualifies for free adoption this month! Here is what the shelter wrote about this gorgeous, sweet #PitBullFlowerPower model: Looking for a real live teddy bear? One who also is gorgeous, a blue nose bully, and who thinks she is a lap dog? Look no further, we found you the perfect snuggle companion! Meet Charlotte! Charlotte is a 3 year old teddy bear/ dog who’s zest for life is down right contagious! Charlotte came to us as a stray, in December 2014, found in someone’s yard. She was totally freaked out upon arrival at the shelter, but after some work with staff members, she is blossoming into the teddy bear that she is. Charlotte is VERY friendly with other dogs but can be shy of new people. As silly, goofy and loving as Charlotte is, she does not show well in her kennel here. She is very agitated and isn’t happy, and we already know that this is going to make it very hard for her to get noticed when adopters come visit us. We are hoping that someone sees her gorgeous mug right NOW and is moved to come see her, and not judge her for her cage behavior because we are telling you, get her out of the cage, spend some time with her, let her feel safe, and you will see the Charlotte that everyone here is already obsessed with! Please call for more information: 516-785-5220 or come visit us at: 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh NY 11793 . #pitbullflowerpower #AdoptDontShop #SophieGamand

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Look who is still waiting for a home to call her own? Beautiful Aphrodite from @nyanimalrescue, channeling her inner Marie Antoinette for my #pitbullflowerpower portrait. She is about 2 and has spent a year behind bars 😩 She was found tied with a prong collar so embedded it must have been terribly painful. Her favorite thing is to give lots and lots of kisses – a trait many pit bulls share! She is getting stressed at the shelter and needs out! Any experienced dog owner out there, looking for a sweet girl and who could teach her to be stress-free and enjoy life? 😍💚💚💚 Visit Aphrodite in Brooklyn (Windsor Terrace, 153 E 3rd St) or call 718.436.5163 for more info! #AdoptDontShop #PitBullFlowerPower #SophieGamand

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🙈 meet Melody's adorable little teeth!!! Well,… And… Melody herself of course. But especially her little teeth 😳😍😍😍 This #PitbullFlowerPower girl is available for a family at @phillypaws in Philadelphia. She is a sweet and silly pit bull girl who is between 4-6 years old. While she is just like any other dog in that she loves to run and play, Melody is unusual because she only has 3 legs. Honestly… I don't even remember that from our shoot!! She hides it very well ☺️ It seems she was hit by a car, and by the time she made it to the shelter in 2012, it was too late to save her leg. This doesn't slow her down though! Melody is affectionate with people, but is not a fan of cats! 🙀 (well, I don't blame her!!). She could go to a home with older children who are respectful of her. She's a friendly girl with other dogs but can be selective so will need a meet and greet first. Melody originally went to live in a veterans' group home, then was adopted by one of the residents who was moving out. She was surrendered back to PAWS when her owner discovered she no longer had enough time to spend with Melody. She's been bounced around too often and really need someone to step up and keep her forever! 💚💚💚 #PitBullFlowerPowerPHILLY #AdoptDontShop #endBSL #sophiegamand 👉👉👉 Special thanks to @freepeople and @freepeoplephiladelphia for organizing the shoot! 👉👉👉 Follow the link in my bio to vote for me in the @shortyawards this year! #shortyawards

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