Mujeres de todo el mundo muestran su celulitis en Instagram por una buena razón

Todo se trata de una campaña que se ha iniciado en la red social para mostrar que la mayoría de las mujeres la tiene

Por Andrea Sánchez

Instagram se ha convertido en una red social de protesta. A través de la plataforma miles de mujeres del mundo han logrado transmitir un mensaje. Desde hace algunos meses, la red social de las fotografías con filtros se ha comenzado a llenar con imágenes de mujeres con celulitis.

Bajo el hashtag, #cellulitesaturday, decenas de mujeres muestran que la celulitis es más normal de lo que la industria de la belleza nos hace creer y que este 'defecto' no tiene nada que ver con una talla, pues mujeres delgadas también la tienen y no tendrían porqué avergonzarse de ella.

Great post by @omgkenzieee 💜💜. Please read it. I understand. #Repost @omgkenzieee ・・・ Yaassssssssss kweens. You know what day it is! 👑 👸 🎉 Do I love this part of my body? No, absolutely not. No matter how many times I talk about it, no matter how many people support me, its engrained in me to understand that "if you have cellulite, that part of your body is not good looking." And some people will read this and nod their head. I get it. But I also recognize that this is from social conditioning. IF YOU THINK for some reason that we are born with a natural distaste for certain body types then you are wrong. Let me give you this example: (This example slays btw) 🙏✨ If cellulite wasn't attractive because its inherently in our DNA, then we wouldn't also shame women for having body hair. Makes sense right? Body hair grows on us and yet we shave it off because smooth, white, young looking skin is more desirable than the other. But wait! It's in our primitive mind to look for mates who can survive, so why do we instinctively think that body hair on a woman is unattractive? Considering body hair is developed by biological evolution. BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN RAISED TO THINK THAT. This is called cultural programming. This has nothing to do with what our cavemen minds think is attractive. And if you've been following my youtube videos I have spoke that our psychology cannot exist without the influence of our culture or the sub cultures around you. That would be called living in a "cultural vacuum" and it doesn't exist. If you recognize this, it's much easier to step out of your body and understand jot from a sociological perspective. You can learn so so much about yourself once you realize how our minds and bodies work!! 🙆💕🙆💕🙆 I am no exception to this, cellulite monster inside of me still reigns her ugly head sometimes, but I acknowledge that this is social conditioning and I will not bow down to it. I will try to love myself. Over and over again.❤️ No matter how uncomfortable it makes me, no matter how hard, not matter what anymore says: I am on a journey for self love and I WILL NOT STOP. 🙅🙌🚫 #cellulitesaturday #thisbody #embracethesquish #loveyourself

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Este movimiento busca que las mujeres no se sientan presionadas por tener un cuerpo perfecto. No promueve malos hábitos de alimentación, llama a las mujeres a aceptarse y a romper con los estereotipos de belleza que, en muchos casos, son producto de manos virtuosas con el Photoshop.

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Una de las usuarios escribió: "Tengo celulitis como el 90 por ciento de la población femenina. No soy menos hermosa por eso, no valdría más si no la tuviera. Mi cuerpo no está mal, no es un problema que deba ser reparado. Mi cuerpo es suave, como el algodón. Y tiene curvas, como un violín". Así que ya lo sabes, si tú también quieres unirte a este movimiento que promueve la aceptación, sube tu foto bajo el hashtag #cellulitesaturday.

I swear these are the hardest pictures to post. First off, YO GIRL GOT A HAIRCUT. Bye bye dead ends🙋🏻 Secondly, it's #cellulitesaturday which is by far the most challenging thing for me to post about. I really didn't want to make this post. It's a really vulnerable thing to so openly point out and I'm honestly not having the best day mentally. I'm really picking myself apart and I just want to hide under a rock.. but these are the times I need to push myself to be uncomfortable. I've got cellulite 🤷🏻 ♀️ I've got dimples, and little squishies and little pockets on the sides of my legs. My mom told me that ever since I was a baby I've had it, and it's just never gone away. Oh 🐳 I got a new bathing suit today, and once I put it on I thought "okay I'll just add this to my 'once I'm skinny pile"" and then I thought HELL NO. If I'm going to keep putting things off until I've hit some goal weight or certain size of clothing, I'm never going to do anything with my life. Sooo I'm going to be on the beach rocking it this summer, regardless of my size, cellulite, or weight. So, all I'm trying to really say is society's standards and the thoughts in my head can go f themselves 🙃 #bodypositivity #selflove #bopowarrior #cellulitesaturday #everybodyisabikinibody #fuckbeautystandards

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